Super new to the whole blog thing. Quite frankly, I’ve hardly looked at any blogs before. I never had an interest in creating one because I’m so god awful with electronics. What sparked my interest in starting a blog was a class I’m taking in college. We discuss social issues and developmental issues and write reflections on them. It’s this class that has opened my eyes to so many world problems and has inspired me to share my views with the internet world. Not all of my blogs will be happy, not all of them will interest you. This is my vent sesh, over the top ramblings on anything stuck in my mind. My blog will be a smorgasbord of topics; from cold water running out before I take my nightly shower at school, to legitimate social issues such as domestic violence or starving children worldwide. I’m a nutrition major at Penn State, a free thinking loud mouthed humanitarian hippie, and a pisces. I’m in love with life, in love with people, and in love with words.