So these are both supposed to be icebreaker type things to let all you fellow bloggers know what my personality is like.



Veggies and Fruits, any and every kind.





Physiology Class

Red Hot Chili Peppers

Older Music






Crunchwrap supremes from Taco Bell. Yes, I know I’m a nutrition major, but chicken crunchwraps with extra nacho cheese are the shit.

THON. The world’s largest student run Philanthropic Funfraising Organization. We are Penn State University specific and raise money for kids battling pediatric cancer. This is truly my passion.

Finding healthy recipes for baked goods and foods in general




Being barefoot in the summer.

How much support Lyme Disease has been getting from the media and many doctors. I was diagnosed summer 2014 and am so happy to see people fighting against this dreadful disease.

Making mudpies.

Clean sheets on my bed.

Waking up with my boyfriend every morning and cuddling into his chest for pre class snuggles.

Tide to go pods. These are SO convenient while I’m lugging my dirty laundry down two flights of steps to do once weekly.

Wandering around new places.

Finding hole in the wall restaurants.

Recycled products.


Salvation army. I swear most of my closet is from thrift stores. Vintage is recycling.

Hiking. Did I already say that? I’m not sure.

Laying in the sun on the edge of a pool.

Spending time with my brothers.


Sriracha. I wish you knew my love for spicy foods.

Aviator and John Lennon sunglasses.

I love doing community service and volunteer work. I taught a toddler sunday school class for years. I signed up for a community service trip to a womens shelter with my school and absolutely loved my time there. I also did a fundraiser in elementary school with some friends to raise money for kids in africa who needed bednets to protect against mosquitoes carrying malaria. I used to make handmade Christmas ornaments for people at a nursing home in my hometown every Christmas.

Laying in bed on rainy days either reading a book or watching netflix. Episode after episode after episode. ( Or page after page after page, depending on the day)

Giving speeches about things I care about.

Earth day and people who care year round about saving our planet. My Resident Coordinator put me in charge of planning an Earth Day program on campus super last minute but I’m still excited.

Watching people dance.


Being tan.

Showing off that I’m a Penn Stater, so proud of the PSU family.


Making smoothies.

Laying in the grass.


I like that my bf watches chick flicks with me.

…and also that no matter how mad he is at me, if we start arguing and I begin to cry he always wraps his arms around me and gives me kisses till I calm down. “Just because I’m mad at you doesn’t mean I stop caring about you”

Going to the gym. Daily workouts give me a sense of empowerment. I may not have a say when it comes to lyme disease or my thyroid disorder, but I can have control over the rest of it.

Chicken and Rice soup.

Hugs. And also kisses.

That my earliest class since starting college has been a 10 am.

Driving with the windows down.

Bonfires. A.k.a the only time I’m ever known to ingest marshmallows, which must be properly lit on fire and burnt to a crisp by the fire for me to enjoy.

Coffee. Mainly flavored black coffee. Or cream and sugared coffee. Or Iced Caramel Macchiatos no whipped cream from Starbucks.

Chai tea. Just kidding, tea in general, but double spice organic chai is by far my favorite.

Chewing gum. Spearmint. I’m always chewing it. ALWAYS.

When people follow me or like my blog posts.

Learning new languages.



Kissing small animals.

Random adventures.

Working in pizzerias. By far my favorite minimum wage paying job.

Farmers markets.

I like a lot of things, feel free to comment any questions or similarities!