When my boyfriend puts off doing projects that he’s known about for a really long time and we stay up late while he does it.

When I have six Philosophy papers due by the end of the semester (two weeks) and I haven’t started any of them.

When people chew with their mouths open.

When the radio volume is on an odd number or something that isn’t a multiple of five.

Math class.

Selfish people.

When people use the word “retard”.

When people are mean to others for no apparent reason.

Liars. Don’t lie to me. I’ll emancipate you from the list of people I care about.

That we all go to University or find jobs to work for our entire lives till our bodies no longer have the power to, all for paper. PAPER.

Trophy hunting.

Winter. God winter is repulsive to me.

People who don’t care about others.

Cheating. Cheating on tests, and cheating on significant others.

That my father lives in Florida.

That my mother stays with an abusive man (Physically and emotionally) and that my brothers still have to live under that roof.

How newborns look. I don’t care what you say. I love babies sooo much, but an infant fresh out the womb looks like a squished potato.

I always miss a spot when I’m shaving my legs, it’s on my knees.

People that don’t know they can turn right on red.

*Not to complain*