I don’t care who you are, how you were raised, what your income, gender or race are; if you’re a trophy hunter, I look down upon you.

Now, for me to look down upon someone is rare. Usually, liars and manipulative people get cast into this category. However, trophy hunting is one of the most sick, twisted, inhumane things that certain members of the human species are proud of.

Some people may not know what trophy hunting is. I’ll put it simply; trophy hunting is for the thrill of the kill. It’s for the “Hey I just shot this giant, graceful giraffe- let me take a selfie with it”, and for the “Let me wipe out the Black Rhino species entirely by trophy hunting for it’s tusks”, and the “I can’t wait to get this lion head preserved and stuffed so I can hang it in my showcase with the rest of the animals I’ve brutally murdered”.

Now let me make this very clear to my readers, I am in no way, shape, or form against the killing of animals for utilization of meats. For instance, many people I know rely on hunting season to get their families bi yearly or yearly supply of meat. I completely support these hunters, as they are using their purchased hunting licenses to kill a specific amount of animals to use as food for their family. This falls in line with the circle of life. Just as a lion may stalk and kill an antelope for food for it’s pride, a human may kill a deer or two deer to feed their family for weeks, months or even a year. However, a lion does not hang the antelopes horns in a glossy photo frame on a rock near their pride. This is where I draw the line of support even for hunting deer or turkey. The kill should not be thrilling, nor should anyone be proud of taking the life of an animal. Once you hang your deer antlers on the wall in your living room, I lose all desire to support your feeding habits. Your hobby should not be destructive. You should not be happy to kill another living, breathing animal. If your hobby includes such a thing, you disgust me. Kill the animal and eat it, do not brag about taking life from another creature.

Most trophy hunters use excuses such as; their hunting helps with conservation of animals, it feeds and donates money to local tribes, or the animals were separated from their herd. Excuse me, when did KILLING ALREADY ENDANGERED SPECIES help with conservation efforts? Oh yeah, never. It’s not even a logical argument to use. Killing animals in herds, prides and packs, especially male leaders causes destruction of such family groups, as other male figures try to take over the lost role in the hunted pride. It alienates the pride/pack/herd and causes them to separate, causing drops in reproduction rates. Second, the trapping and trophy hunting industry is run by wealthy white men, who donate next to nothing to the native African tribes. There are other sorts of meat for these tribes to hunt rather than endangered species. Lastly, how does a trophy hunter single out which animals are the oldest and sickest simply by looking at them? I’m sure none of these are Biologists or Zoologists or Vet Technicians. In any case, what’s the explanation for killing younger elephants, leaving the baby elephants orphaned? Most of these animals that travel in groups have very strong connections with each other, especially with their mothers. How is it humane to take the life of a mother animal, and leaving the offspring unprotected and orphaned? Would these trophy hunters take such pride if they killed the parents of a child in a freak car accident? Would they take selfies with their lifeless, bleeding bodies? No, they wouldn’t. In fact, that person would go to jail for manslaughter in the United States and possibly other countries around the world.

We need to teach people that it’s not okay to kill for the thrill of the kill. Often times, mass murderers start out killing squirrels or rabbits for pure enjoyment, until they lose the enjoyment in that and move on to killing deer and then other human beings. It’s not okay to take the life of anything for pure joy. We need to be a voice for the animals, because the animals can’t speak for themselves!