Last night I saw a post on facebook with the link to an article titled “Why I Will Never Respect Meghan Trainor”. The title peaked my interest so I read on. To my dismay, the article was nothing but a bunch of rubbish, badmouthing the musician because of her “All About that Bass” song. The song is catchy, and was produced for both enjoyment and to encourage bigger girls. While some of the lyrics such as “Don’t want no stick figure, silicone Barbie dolls” and terms such as “Skinny Bitches” that she uses may be offensive, here’s why I won’t attack her or any other music artist for their take on ideal body types.

Let me preface this by saying that I 100% DO NOT support men and women who follow unhealthy life styles. Whether they’re filling up on fatty foods and sitting on the couch all day, or over exercising, I just don’t support it. My role in the body positivity movement is to encourage other people my age (mainly women) to work towards a HEALTHY lifestyle. A lifestyle that includes well balanced meals, and daily or every other day gym sessions. I want people to embrace their bodies as they are, but also work on their bodies daily, because you cannot truly care about or love your body if you don’t care about your health.

With that being said, here’s why I won’t attack social media or public figures for myself and other people’s body positivity issues.

My body is great. In fact, I love my body. That is something so rare to hear a person of any age say, which is truly sad. It has taken me all 18 years of my life to realize how beautifully built I am on the outside, and how beautiful I am on the inside. But, here’s the catch; I work for my body.

My entire family is naturally skinny so I was always tiny. I remember being picked up and carried like a football by guys in high school because they thought it was hilarious that I was so tiny. I remember one day in ninth grade I was standing in the lunch line, waiting to get food when someone asked me if I was anorexic. I was angry and embarrassed. As I got older I started developing more and my mother and her husband told me that I’d gained weight in my thighs and butt. I went from being told that I was anorexically thin to being told that I was chunky. The thing is, I wasn’t. I was just a young girl maturing into a young lady.

I used to let people’s thoughts on my body influence my thoughts about my own body, and I looked to social media for the “ideal” body image. I’ve realized that is so so wrong, and if you’re going to attack a public figure for talking about what they think an ideal body image is, then you’re wrong too.

There isn’t really a “perfect” figure. Everyone is attracted to different things, and if we all looked the same, attraction to another person wouldn’t be unique. YOU need to look in the mirror and decide whether or not YOU are truly happy with the body you have. Because if YOU aren’t happy with the body that YOU have, then YOU are the person who needs to change it, not some music artist who’s being paid to sing about certain things. In all reality, if what someone is singing about bothers you, don’t fucking listen to their music. You’re completely in charge of your body- what you eat, what you do with it, and the media you feed into your mind. If you don’t like it then change it.

It’s hard for many obese people to lose weight just as it’s hard for many thin people to gain weight. Attacking other body types will not change your body, nor will it change theirs. Encourage other women to love their bodies and treat them right, no matter their age, race, or weight.

I for one, will NOT let anyone tell me that my body isn’t good enough. I will not let anyone tell me that my boyfriend would like my body more if it were a certain way, and I will no longer let anyone tell me that they don’t like my body because it’s too muscular. I choose daily to live a healthy, beneficial lifestyle, and no one will stop me from that. I like my body, so I’m not letting anyone but myself determine my self worth. Anyone that has something negative to say can kindly step to the side and fuck off, because I’m hot.