Yes. Yes, they fucking do.

As a United States citizen and an openly humanitarian young woman, I fully support equal rights movements. However, as such an avid supporter of any equal rights movement, I am entirely against racism, and that is what phrases such as “Black Lives Matter” allow.

So many people would call me a racist, narcissistic, privileged, white college bitch if I stood outside and yelled “White Lives Matter”. However, I would never separate myself from another race, religion or gender of people for the sake of a protest for “Equal Rights”. Why?

Years ago we abolished slavery together, blacks and whites fighting together for the freedom and well being of every HUMAN being that lived in the United States of America. We fought through two world wars, and helped free homosexuals, Jews, and Gypsies from mass genocide during Hitler’s reign in Europe and Russia. We fought for the freedom to drink a beer after a long day of work, and for women to have the same rights as men. For goodness sake, we fought and protested so that we could all use the same public toilet to shit on. We founded our country as “One nation under God” but with the freedom to practice whatever religion gives us life, freedom to speak our minds and put our emotions on paper for all to see without risk of being punished. We fought for a lot, together. So why is it now after we’ve come so far that we’re discriminating against each other based on race again?

I understand fully that our justice system is nowhere near perfect. Yes, there are cases of police brutality. Quite frankly it’s unsettling that some of our law enforcement officers abuse such a high power. However, WHEN police brutality does occur,( and the police aren’t just serving the area they’ve sworn to protect-a.k.a doing their job) it isn’t against just one race, and to state #BlackLivesMatter completely labels the speaker as a racist themself, for they’re suggesting that they are only fighting for the rights of one group of people.

If you think that black lives are the only ones affected by injustices with our legal and social systems, you are extremely mistaken and I can only hope that you wake up from your ignorant trance.

Guess what?

White lives matter.

Black lives matter.

Asian lives matter.

LGBT lives matter.

Politicians lives matter.

Homeless lives matter.

Military lives matter.

Mentally Handicapped lives matter.

Farmers lives matter.

If you haven’t picked up my message by this point:


Stop your ignorant protests about which lives are facing injustices the most. We have police of many different races, religions, and genders. As a united country, when one person faces injustice, we have the power to unite to face the injustice together. We as a people are weakened when we separate ourselves by any category.

In addition, I agree we must fight to be heard. However, protesting is entirely different than rioting. There is always the option to calmly petition and protest. We have legislators and mayors that we can voice our concerns with, town hall meetings that we can attend and speak our minds at. We will get no where by rioting against those who (for the most part) do their job to protect and serve us.

You are accomplishing nothing by wreaking havoc on your towns and cities, setting fire to and looting your neighbors businesses and scaring innocent people while harassing law enforcement officers standing guard to protect their cities.

#AllLivesMatter and violence still is and will never be the answer we need. Whatever your cause is, be proactive in fighting for it, not destructive.