Ordinary Adventures

It seems like every free weekend I have, I end up spending it the exact same way with Drew. Our dates usually consist of food out and a movie at home. And I’m ready to spice things up! Coming up with ideas is actually much harder than it sounds. Between being cheap, doable, and relaxing, there are not as much options as you would think. So, with some research, time, asking, and compiling, I’ve created a list of date ideas that we can do every weekend for a whole year! It’ll be quite a while before we have a boring night in.

1. Go to a playground.

2. Go on a double date.

3. Cook a fancy dinner together. Set up mood lighting, candles, music, and set the table. Make it a special night in.

4. Whoever is the last to get off work Friday night should bring home their favorite take out dinner.

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