I’m almost 20 years old, and I’ve worked in restaurants since the ripe young age of 15. As with any line of work, I see some weird shit. Of course, the only acceptable thing to do when you see weird shit while at work is going to the waiter station to give your coworkers all the juicy details.

“GUYS. Don’t look now but check out the lady at my B7, she’s wild. Faux fur scarf with a flamingo Hawaiian vacation dad sh-I SAID DON’T LOOK NOW.”

“Okay so this guy wants a medium pizza with no cheese and no sauce.”

“No cheese and no sauce?”

“Uh…yeah. You know what, just make it I don’t understand it either but he’s friendly.”

For me, waiting tables is a blessing, a curse, and a good laugh all wrapped into one under payed, underappreciated job. Naturally, I love it. Whether you’re waiting tables to pay your tuition (as I am), get a little extra cash on the side, or because it’s your profession, we can all relate to each other. This is snippet 1 of many which I will be blogging about for your entertainment, my entertainment, and to keep track of some of the best restaurant moments I’ve experienced to date.