Shortly after opening the other day I received this phone call.

“Thank you for calling Originals, this is Bekkah. How can I help you?”

“Hi, I’m calling from the career center, we just received a delivery and I had a question about my meal.”

At this point, the customer on the phone sounds more confused than anything. Assuming her food wasn’t made correctly I pulled up the closed order on the computer screen.

“Alright so it looks like you ordered a couple things, which was your meal?”

“I ordered the cheese ravioli.”

“Light sauce, blue cheese for the side salad’s dressing?”

“Yes…you charge $9.95 for five freaking ravioli’s?!”

Oh okay. At this point, the woman’s attitude switched from pleasant but slightly distraught to full on suburban soccer mom with a bob haircut ‘let me talk to your manager’ attitude.

“Yes ma’am, it also comes with a loaf of fresh bread and a side salad.”

“That’s ridiculous. I could buy a whole bag of ravioli at the store for $5 and you guys charge $10 for six ravioli.”

Oh? Would Price Chopper also prepare it with a salad, a bread, and specific cooking instructions before delivering it 20 minutes out of their way to your work place so you can call and bitch about their prices?

“You guys pry have a bag of 30 ravioli back there and you couldn’t give me a few more?”

“Ma’am, I just work here. I don’t have anything to do with selecting prices for our items. If I did, I’d be getting paid more.”

“Well that’s ridiculous.”

“Do you want to speak with my manager?”

“No, but I wanted to let you know I won’t be ordering from you again.”

“Ok, bye.”

*Phone clicks*

Good riddance. 🙂