It’s been awhile since I’ve posted, and I think I’m doing okay.

Things that have happened since I last communicated with the blogging world:

  1. I got a new job

My part time work life isn’t something I talk about the majority of the time. Part of this is because there is nothing glamorous or necessarily soul enriching about going into a job on a daily basis where you scrape gum off of the underside of table tops and pull soggy fries out of high chair crevices for $2.83 an hour and some measly tips from locals and fellow college students.

The other part of this is because waiting tables isn’t necessarily inspiring or uplifting in any way, shape,or form. Some may say that the best advice they’ve ever gotten was from a waitress at a diner when they were drunk at 2am. However, T.G.I Friday’s doesn’t have that type of vintage, picturesque atmosphere. Plus I’m 19, so most people won’t find me too damn inspirational.

BUT. Last semester was awful for me, and wasting hours and scraping up change at a job I wasn’t happy with definitely didn’t add positivity to my life. So one day I was heading downtown to study. I happened to see an advertisement for open job interviews at a new sports bar opening downtown. I hopped on the bus after the one I had initially planned on catching (because let’s be honest, I’m never on time.), and I got myself a new job.

I’ve never really done something professional on such a whim, and it felt so good. I mean, not only had I just randomly and sporadically went for something, but I got what I was going for. So yes, I went from one serving job paying $2.83 an hour to another that pays the same, and I LOVE IT. I know it’s pry super odd to be excited about a part time job, but I get excited to go to work now. The atmosphere is so lively, I can jam out to the cover bands and dj’s playing with coworkers and bosses while waiting on sloshed college kids. Will I want to do this in a couple years? Pry not. For now though, it is such a wonderful position to be in.

2. I FINALLY Got My Memorial Tattoo for Dave

SO, I have been telling people for ages that I want to get a memorial tattoo for Dave. I just went for it. Without really any planning. I knew wholeheartedly the design that I wanted for this particular tattoo, it had just been an issue with money and time and summoning the gumption to get someone’s name on my body for my whole life. This tattoo was a big deal for me.

The same day I walked into an open job interview and was told the position was mine, I walked into a tattoo shop downtown and told them precisely what I wanted, where, and that I didn’t care the price.

The rough, peppered, sailor looking man who owned the place said “done, done, and done.”

I walked to Starbucks on West College, got an iced chai that I was too excited to even drink, typed up a design, emailed it to the guy, and walked back to the shop to get the most meaningful tattoo I have gotten/probably will ever get.

20 minutes and some self restrained writhing and teeth clenching later, I was almost in tears at how much I loved it. It hit me like a ton of bricks seeing Dave’s signature on my body, so permanent, and so antique. So special.


It’s funny how much a sentence and a couple scribbles means when you look at it in a different way than you used to.

3. THON Weekend

THON is an incredible experience every year, always unique from the year before. This year, rather than participating as a captain with my commonwealth campuses organization,I joined a Rules and Regulations committee at University Park.

We met for the first time in October, 40 strangers including a captain sitting nearly silent in a room.

By THON weekend we were a family of 37 (we lost a few along the way), and we were excited to take on such an inspiring weekend together.

I was nervous about being on a Rules and Reg committee, since rule enforcers are pretty much the most hated individuals THON weekend. Buuuuutttt, I had the time of my life. My committee has literally become some of my closest friends, and I couldn’t imagine spending the weekend with anyone else.


Photo above : Alyssa and I checking people’s wristbands as they entered the BJC.

Top left : Myself, raising my diamond in the air FTK

Top Right: A picture of my committee at our last weekly meeting before THON weekend

Bottom: A picture of myself and my friend Charlie, who is probably one of the people I’ve become closest to since making the transition to University Park. Also like my only friend outside of THON related stuff that was on a committee as well!

So this year’s THON was particularly special to me because it’s the first year I’ve attended knowing that I want to become a doctor to save lives someday. Death is inevitable, disease is inevitable, but I want to do as much as humanly possible to make patients feel loved, and cared for, and better. If I can save even one life by the time I pass on, I will be content with the work I have done in life.

Each year, I become more humbled than the year before after attending THON. It’s more than just a volunteer organization, it has become a crucial piece of my undergraduate experience, and I am grateful for the people it has brought me closer to, the memories it has given me, and the lessons it has taught me since freshman year when I first became involved.

4. Goals

I’ll just close this post with some goals I have for myself!

  • go for more runs/get back into the swing of going to the gym consistently
  • keep raising my grades
  • Write down AT LEAST one thing per day I am grateful for

Dear readers/followers, I encourage you to come up with some goals for yourself and keep track of how they’re going. Don’t be afraid to comment or reach out via a message with your goals, I believe in you and your goals! ❤